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Learn how to nail your website, build a brand identity, create an emotional connection online, develop a content strategy, and get work fast.

More info about your 6 courses ...

1. Branding for Business Growth

This 9-step course on editorial branding teaches editors and proofreaders how to build an emotion-based brand identity. Discover how to stand out online, attract more ideal clients, and build a longer wait-list.

2. Emotional Marketing that Gets Editors Work

This 7-step framework teaches you how to evoke emotion in your ideal clients, and generate sales and income without having to pitch a sale. 

3. Social Media for Business Growth

Discover how to create a purposeful social media strategy that increases online visibility, expands audience, reinforces brand, and generates work.

4. Marketing Toolbox for Editors

This toolbox is packed with tips and tactics to help you with promotion, pricing, brand consistency, blog content, and your website. The goal: to get editing and proofreading work with a variety of different client types.

5. Blogging for Business Growth

This blogging course teaches editors and proofreaders how to create a discoverable, captivating and memorable blog that drives website traffic, increases visibility in the search engines, and generates editing work.

6. 10 Ways to Get Editing Work Quickly

This webinar on emergency marketing helps editors and proofreaders whose client cupboards are bare. You’ll learn 10 steps you can take today to get yourself out of a fix and secure work fast.

Stuff you might be wondering about

How long does my course access last? 

All my courses come with lifetime access. You learn when it’s convenient for you, not me!

Why do I have to pay tax on courses?

Online self-directed courses, like the ones I offer, are classified as digital products/services in most countries, and adding tax is a legal requirement. Teachable calculates the correct rate of tax for your jurisdiction and remits it to the appropriate authority. 

Can I choose the order in which I study the modules?

Of course, though I recommend you follow the order of play the first time you do it because I designed the structure in a way that builds your knowledge logically.

Can I learn on my mobile device?

Absolutely! Teachable has a gorgeous app for iOS and Android that means you can access the course content on your phone and tablet if that’s more convenient.

About your instructor

Hello! I’m Louise Harnby, a commercial fiction editor who specializes in working for independent authors of crime, thrillers and mysteries. I write books and create courses that teach editors:

  • the craft of stylistic line editing in fiction 
  • how to make their businesses visible and compelling.

When I joined the industry in 2006, there was very little instruction dedicated to line editing and business building. Not much has changed, and so I hope that by learning with me, you’ll feel better equipped to tackle both!