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Want to create a stand-out editorial pack for your clients?​​​

An editorial report and a comprehensive style sheet are staples for any professional editor communicating with a client.

This two-course bundle includes done-for-you customizable templates that will help you create an amazing editorial pack that saves you time and supports your authors. 

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1. Style Sheets for Fiction Editing

This self-paced course teaches editors and proofreaders how to create and use branded style sheets that improve efficiency and consistency, and demonstrate professionalism. Includes a fully customizable done-for-you template. 

2. How to Write the Perfect Fiction Editorial Report

This self-paced course teaches editors and proofreaders how to craft engaging sentence-level editorial reports efficiently. Save time and increase your hourly rate while providing feedback that demonstrates editorial excellence and builds trust. Includes a fully customizable done-for-you template.