Create a pricing strategy that’s right for your editing or proofreading business

This business-skills guide teaches editors and proofreaders how to create a pricing strategy. The foundation is a healthy money mindset that focuses on your business needs, and a strategic framework that gives you the power and confidence to choose and stand up for your pricing decisions.

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Customer reviews


How to Develop a Pricing Strategy is so much more than a book on how to price for our services. I felt lifted after reading it – confident to set aside time dedicated to just me, my business, and my future.

Before, I would freeze as soon as a client asked me for a quote. Once I’d defrosted, I felt sick. I hated quoting for anything beyond a simple proofread or copyedit. ‘Whatever you think is fair,’ was my approach, a strategy that effectively placed me in a perpetual state of either anxiety or denial.

This guide gave me hope. Louise always gives me hope! She smashed my preconceived ideas with a demolition ball, and at first I felt rather exposed. Several chocolate bars and a few chapters later, I began stripping my pricing strategy bare. Then Louise gave me the tools to build it back up so that now it’s built on firmly rooted foundations rather than balancing on wobbly toothpicks.

Through it, I discovered that I had undervalued myself and therefore undervalued my skills and experience. Now I have a pricing voice because I own me and all that I choose to do. 

Julie Pinborough / The Word Room